Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Assignment 2

What: Where the Humble Go Photo Scavenger Hunt! In anticipation of the album release for Where the Humble Go, I am hosting a picture scavenger hunt. You have 2 options of posting the pictures…either via facebook or twitter. If you choose facebook, post the picture on the wall of my fan page at facebook.com/Ashley.gatta.music, and if you choose twitter, be sure to use the #ashleygatta tag in your tweet.

When: Monday, May 1st to Thursday May 13th

Instructions: Each day you will have an assignment of a picture to take. The assignment will be based on the tracks of my album. Tweet or facebook your pictures each day. You will receive a point for posting a picture, and a bonus point if yours is the most creative/entertaining/amusing of the day. You have until midnight to post your picture. Today we're on assignment 2!

Track 2: Where the Humble Go. This song is the title track from my new album. Take a picture of my album cover or poster. Should be tricky since it hasn’t been released yet…be creative!

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