Monday, May 3, 2010

Listening Party

Are you a hostess (or host) with the mostest? Do you like my music? Do you want a free CD and the chance at a free t-shirt?

There was a time when people used to gather around the Victrola and listen to music. Music used to be the center of parties and socializing, but now it’s become such a private thing with the invention of ipods and streaming music from the internet. I want to bring music back as a means of creating community so I am reinstating the “Listening Party”.

I am encouraging some of my fans and friends to host a listening party at their homes in honor of the release of my new album “Where the Humble Go”. If you agree to do this, I’ll provide you with a free copy of “Where the Humble Go” for you to play at the party, and CD samplers for you to give away as favors at the party.

You can be as creative as you like. Maybe make your listening party a pot-luck and eat dinner together. Or you can make some “humble pie” to keep with the theme. You could make it happy hour after work and do coctails, or tie it in with a group that already regularly meets, like a bible study, book club, or play group. Have coffee together, or make it a dance party.

You also don’t have to sit down and intently listen to the CD the whole time, but I’d like for it to at least be background music. Or, if your friends are music buffs, maybe listen the whole way through and have a discussion afterward.

There is no specific timeline for when the party has to take place, but I am hoping the parties could take place in May, June, or July, while the album is still fresh on everyone’s mind and I am touring.

There will be a contest for the fan that can do the heaviest album promotion (determined by photos you’ll inevitably take) and the winner will earn a free t-shirt!

If you’re interested in getting a free CD and fostering community please email with the date of your party, # of guests, and your mailing address, and I’ll send you a copy of the album!

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