Monday, April 19, 2010

Wood paneling and purposeful promotion.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting with a talented and Godly worship leader named Jourdan Burks. I had requested to meet with her because I thought she could give me some advice about pursuing a career as a worship leader. While I had planned on exchanging business tips and tricks, God really used her to shed some light on my heart instead. I was reminded that leading worship shouldn’t be a means to an end. Yes, it can be something that pays, but just because you’re a musician and a Christian, doesn’t necessarily mean leading worship is your calling. Also, she reminded me that the one that I am glorifying should always be God. Not me. I’m so used to this self promotion thing by now, that I’d forgotten the reason to self promote is in the hopes that people will hear my music and know God a little better…want more of Him.

On Monday I performed at Song & Story. It was such a talented group of musicians: Chad Hailey, Summer Ames, and Antonio Nogueras. The crowd was smaller than usual, but the people that were there seemed to be really engaged and enjoying the music. It was such a nice surprise, because an old family friend surprised me by coming with her daughter. It’s amazing how many years have gone by and that they are still thinking of me and encouraging me even though we don’t regularly talk.

This recent Friday, the band and I played a house show with Big Round Spectacles, and Cumulonimbus Band. It was fun because I got to share my music with some that had seen us live before, and others that probably never would have checked us out if not for the house show. Everyone was crowded into the living room, listening and clapping along as the music reverberated throughout the wood paneled walls. I could get used to this relaxed, intimate atmosphere for a gig!

I spent my weekend with some friends in Ennis, TX at their Bluebonnet Trails Festival. It was pure Texas goodness. After countless pictures in the bluebonnets, I visited with my grandparents who live in the area. If I wasn’t in love with Denton, Ennis would be a nice place to call home. Lots of friendly people, and I love the cute old houses.

This week will be spent getting all of my ducks in a row for the album release. I am hoping to book The Christian Campus Center for our CD Release Party on May 14th, and I want it to be the best show any of our fans have seen yet, so the band and I will really be working hard to make that happen.

Until next time…