Monday, December 7, 2009

Remember December- Dallas show this Friday

First, I want to thank everyone that’s downloaded a copy of Paper Snowflakes. So far there have been 33 downloads (which rocks) but I know we can do better than that! After all, it’s free : ) . Some have said that the NoiseTrade widget is a bit confusing, so I’ve also added the album to my PayPal store and you can purchase it directly from their website by clicking here. It is still a digital copy, so after you purchase the album for $3.99 I will email you the mp3’s. Don’t forget that you can still purchase my EP, Forget Subtlety, as well. It makes a great stocking stuffer!

Get ready for things to look a little different in a month or so. I’m getting organized and that means there will be a little more method to the madness. Less of the clutter and more of the music. Fewer random emails and more blog entries and concise emails. Thanks for sticking things out this year as I’ve been getting my feet wet with my music career. You’re helping me work out all the kinks!

I’ll be performing a couple more times this month and I’d love to see you out at one of my shows, so if you can make it, please stop by.

Friday, December 12th at 8:30pm

White Rock Coffee, 10105 E. Northwest Hwy. Dallas, TX

8pm- Lynn Grayburn 8:30pm- Ashley Gatta

Sunday, December 20th at 2:00pm

Advent Celebration, 1812 Linden Dr. Denton, TX


Saturday, January 30th at 6pm

Custer Road UMC, 6601 Custer Rd. Plano, TX

Texas CSA Church Partnership

6:30pm- Ebenezer and Ashley Gatta

Hope you’re enjoying this season of Advent and staying warm.